Virus Magnetic Beads DNA Isolation Kit (100 rxn)

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Virus Magnetic Beads DNA Isolation Kit

Sample: up to 300 μl of virus sample
Yield: 7-8 μg per 20 μl of magnetic beads used


This magnetic bead genomic DNA purification kit was designedspecifically for simultaneous virus DNA/RNA purification from plasma, serum, body fluid or the supernatant of viral infected cell cultures. Its unique buffer system will efficiently lyse cells and degrade protein, allowing for Nucleic Acid to be easily bound by the surface of the magnetic beads. The other non-specific binding particles are removed with a wash buffer, and the genomic Nucleic Acid is then released into the Release Buffer. Genomic Nucleic Acid can be purified manually within 10-15 minutes (using most magnetic separators) or the kit can be easily adapted to satisfy most automated Nucleic Acid purification systems.

For research use only

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