Dual-System Blood/Cell DNA Isolation Kit (100 rxn)

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Genomic DNA Isolation Dual Kit (Blood/Cultured Cell)                                    

Sample: up to 300 μl of whole blood, 200 μl of buffy coat, 107mammalian cells
                    5×107 fungus cells and
109 bacterial cells   
Yield: up to 50 μg/Column


The Dual-System Genomic DNA Isolation Kit (Blood/Cultured Cell) combines reagent system and spin column system in it. The kit was designed specifically for genomic DNA isolation from whole blood, frozen blood, buffy coat, cultured animal/bacterial cells and fungus. This unique reagent system ensures genomic DNA with high yield and good quality from samples and the spin column system was designed to purify or concentrate genomic DNA products which have been previously isolated using Reagents. The entire procedure can be completed in 1 hour without phenol/chloroform extraction. Purified genomic DNA is suitable for use in PCR or other enzymatic reactions.

For research use only 

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